Eldar Electric relying on distribution of the two prominent UPS Brand APC and Gutor has become a strategic supplier in the industrial and office markets for all major local and foreign customer like Nobel Oil, Socar, BP, OGPC, Azpromo, Petkim, Statoil, CET.

Gutor SDC

Highly customizable DC output UPS systems. Industrial thyristor rectifier with broad application areas.


Industrial thyristor rectifier from 25- 1200ADC and higher. With its broad range of possible DC voltages, the SDC is very flexible and can meet specific requirements and a wide range of autonomy times. Similar to the other products built on the xxW platform (PxW and WxW), the SDC will withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The firmware is certified according to IEC60880 for NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) applications. This product is best in its class, because it benefits from our focus on quality and attention to detail.


Flexibility - Due to the independent modules, the UPS can be sized individually based on customer requirements. NPP qualified - The firmware is certified according to IEC 60880 for third party, and the components are withstanding applicable seismic requirements. Proven reliability - Best in class Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) within a long product lifetime with minimal servicing required. Over 20,000 systems installed worldwide with excellent quality records.


  • Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical (onshore, offshore, pipelines, refining, FPSO)
  • Power generation, including transmission and distribution
  • Chemical industry
  • Other industrial applications
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